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…and the winner is!... The Sailloft Quad+

sailloft quad plus 2013 test German surf – magazine quotes:
'Excellent control'
'Powerful planning and acceleration'
'Light and effortless in manoeuvres'

As a result the new Sailloft Quad+ took the top spot by winning the Freemove Sail Test (relating to versatility) [surf 03/2013]

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Sailloft Bionic 2013 - the 3rd generation

bionic_2013The Bionic is your sail for everything. It doesn't matter if you want to go for waves and freestyle or NoCam freeride - this sail will make you feel at home in every discipline.
Newly developed aramid laminates make the difference!

Once a Bionic rider - always a Bionic rider!

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Sailloft Quad+ : May it be a bit more for you in 2013?

Sailloft Quad+   - Compact.
   6.7m2 with a 430 mast

 - Perfect on/off.
   a real Quad feeling with 5 battens

 - Early planing.
   a wider luff tube for more profile

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The Sailloft Mission 2013

Mission 2013The sail for your freerace mission!

- New outline
- 7 battens
- More cut-out
- Dynamic twist
- Full x-ply

The new high performance engine for all freeracers.
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