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Planing ecstasy without handling loss due to disturbing cams. You’ve been looking for that quite a while, haven’t you?
With the CROSS your desires have acquired body and soul! A deep profile in the boom section results in excellent early planing and instant acceleration. The sail’s perfect twist permits incredible top speed.

You’ve noticed already: You will encounter a completely new CROSS. The shortened luff brings about a more compact design with a remarkably improved handling. The enlarged cut-out at the clew optimises the loose leech. The result - an even larger wind-range. From now on 5 tube battens give you an unbeatable pressure point stability. Last but not least, we have injected the CROSS with more X-ply.
With 5 battens in the 5.5 and 6.0 the sail is a splendid companion in all freemove sessions, also in strong winds or for big riders. From 6.5 and up the sail comes with 6 battens, creating an easy going freeride sail that erupts into action when the sessions get hot.
For planing ecstasy without regrets!


Manufactured in all-over x-ply for durability and stability. The CROSS is planing power and handling in one sail. .

Freemove, Supercross and Freeride
Color combinations:
Red / Magenta
Orange / Grey
Sailloft CROSS - yellow-grey