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Speaking of where you live: Unreliable wind conditions?
Are you one of the “big guys”??
Or are you just fed up with permanent tiresome pumping???

With the TRACTION you will plane suprisingly early and maintain your speed even in sudden calms. This year the use of more x-ply has made the TRACTION even lighter and given it more stability. Smooth in your hands, smooth in your manouevres.

A slimmer mast sleeve, a more evident cutout at the clew and a shortened luff all generate remarkably improved handling. 5 new special tube battens increase the pressure point stability, whilst the optimised loose leech enlarges the wind range once again. Worried about cams? Don't be: Two zippers allow mini cams to be adjusted in afterwards, a piece of cake!
There is nothing like too little wind! What you need is simply the adequate sail design. 


The TRACTION is the ultimate solution for low winds giving you maximum early planing energy and perfect control in gusty conditions, whilst still providing a comfortable ride as a freeride sail!

Low wind / Freeride
Color combintation:
1. Yellow / Grey
3. Orange / Grey