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When the journey is not the destination, but the destination is the goal…

The new profile in the window area combines the power to get going with a high end speed, whilst the wider luff tube and the bigger cambers guarantee ideal performance. The longer tack at the base of the sail ensures that a single bit of pressure cannot escape. Like this, the Mission generates constant acceleration throughout the whole wind range.

The new outline, with a bigger cut-out at the clew and a slimmer top, provides a perfect harmony as the sail twists in the gusts. The seven batten framework guarantees the best possible balance-point stability, resulting in more speed and more control.

Smash records - get on a Mission!

Highlight: 7 battens, big cambers, wide luff tube. The full x-ply reinforcement ensures durability and makes your Mission the partner for hundreds of sessions.


Colour combination:
Sailloft Mission

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