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The new heavy duty headpiece with clip-in adapter for RDA masts provides a dead certain fixation to the mast. Come whatever may...!

The monocoque construction with continuous beam at the front makes our new booms extremely stiff in spite of their lightness. The beams' well-known liability to corrosion due to pin and screw holes is thus a matter of yesteryear,--at least with our new sailloft booms.

Form follows function. Our booms have got everything that makes rigging a breeze. The beams' design permits the perfectly symmetric adjustment of harness lines. An indestructible double pin system locks the tail reliably.

For wave riders and freestylers our New School Outline offers an ergonomically optimal and thus effortless grip. More width for the front part combined with an even running beam improves the rigg's handling massively. There's no fussy threading in - due to the Loop'n'Hook function at the tail. The absolutely reliable aluminum trimming clamp fastens the clew securely for the entire session.

Free- and slalom riders will thoroughly appreciate the perfect set-up of our New Performance Outline boom : It - is slim at the front for easy maneuver - handling It - has got more width in the centre curve for deep-profile sails.

The luxurious roller system enables effortless, finest trimmings of the big cloths as well as the installation of additional trimming systems. The oversized tail makes the boom dead stiff...!
Sailloft Alloyboom mit Aluminium Endstück