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Bionic SL
New in 2013 - The upgrade for more freedom

Inspired by the camber-less Cross, the Bionic SL sets new standards in terms of free-riding. It convinces the user with a balanced combination of an incredible get-up-and-go range and high top end speed. With perfect control in powered up conditions, this setup provides the much sought after ability to develop extra speed out of every gust.

The Bionic SL 2013 also benefits from the all new super stable laminates. The minimal flexibility of the radial aramid limits lead to a quicker response when getting going and throughout sailing. This maximises the wind range through only one trim of the sail and results in a 100% pressure point stability.

The abandonment of extensive reinforcements in combination with the radial aramid laminates saves weight and minimises the water absorption resulting in an almost unrivalled wet-weight. Like this, the Bionic SL was developed to be the reference amongst sails in the free-ride discipline. Remarkable top end speed due to a perfectly balanced pressure point creates ultimate handling. Something that only the BIONIC SL can provide.

Highlight: Innovative and more stable laminates. Light and still robust. Brand new cut combined with high power to get-up-and-go. Control and unrivalled handling.


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Bionic SL