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New in 2013 - far more than only a big brother

With the Quad+ we managed to make the features of the Quad available for big sails up to 6.7m2 and heavy riders. As the successor for the popular SLAM this sail combines power with a super light handling. The soft but at the same time powerful 5 batten set up feels light in your hands and neutral in your manoeuvres. The Quad+ delivers maximum draft to get going and a crucial plus in control.

The disciplines of the Quad+ range from wave to freemove within only one sail line. The small to medium sizes make you feel at home in onshore wave conditions, whilst the medium sized sails are the perfect playmates for freestyle and for slightly heavier sailors. The two larger sizes will easily bring a smile to your face when used for freemove windsurfing in flat water.

You want more? You get more! The Quad+

Highlight: Deeper profile due to a wider luff tube, creating more power when getting going. Five sail battens for a wider wind range. A compact outline for perfect handling; no matter if you use it for wave or freemove action.



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Sailloft Quad+