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The Quad is our new 4-batten cloth for the wave and freestyle mission.
Designed as a soft sail it is the ideal addition to our wave range. Manoeuvres are effortlessly transmitted to the wave and/or flatwater. A wider mast sleeve combined with a flatter sail shape results in a sail profile with sensational on, and off, characteristics. Thus you do not get only constant propulsion for powerful moves and wave rides but also a perfectly neutral sail at that critical point.

The QUAD gives you confidence to transcend former limits. Through using light X-166 x-ply in the sail top it is not only physically lighter in weight but also in your hands.
A dwarf on the scales, a giant during action!

The 4-batten concept makes the QUAD our lightest sail. Its planing power in connection with its first-class handling supports your practise with new-school freestyle moves. In waves you receive enormous power for the bottom-turn and easy control for the cut-back.  

Wave / Freestyle

Colour combinations:
1. Cyan/ Pink/ White
2. Yellow / Green / Grey
Saolloft Quad 2012