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Bionic Technology

Windsurfing in a new Dimension

At the beginning the mission was to utilize modern Laminate-Technology as used for yacht sails, to build light windsurf sails with perfect performance.
We are the first windsurf company to dare this adventure. We don’t just talk HighTech, - we build it!
Our goal was obvious. We didn’t want to build an ultra light sail that would fall apart the first time it encountered wind (others already build those) but instead make the unattempted become a reality. To develop and produce a very light and at the same time 100% fledged durable laminate windsurf sail.
The many performance advantages, evident already in our glued custom sails, that a laminate sail offers needed to be implemented in a production sail that is affordable to the average purse.

The first and only laminate windsurfing sails worldwide – made by Sailloft.

After months of meticulous research and determined experiments the mission was accomplished.
Today we are the first producer ever to develop a laminate windsurf sail that made it to the production line: The Sailloft BIONIC!
Bionic introduces a new technology to the industry that will open unknown doors in the future. Whether Wave or Freestyle, Freeride or Slalom, – feel the lightness of being!

We are the only producer worldwide to offer a professional windsurf sail with laminate technology with our new Sailloft BIONIC, - currently unique.

We wanted to build the best sails in the world- just for kicks!
(Gerrit Maaß, Sailloft Hamburg)
bionic idea
bionic idea
bionic idea