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About us

Originally a regional custom sail maker to an international high tech sail producer.

At the turn of the millennium a new era began for Sailloft Hamburg. During our early days we were a small loft that made custom windsurf sails and in 2000 we started our first series with 2 sail lines. Since that time we are approaching our 12th sail generation and are producing 8 sail lines with more than 50 different models. A small series is now yesterday’s news.

Today Sailloft Hamburg is an established sail brand, that produces High Tech sails sold in Europe and all over the world. At the beginning every pattern was hand made whereas now we use professional CAD programs. The data  get sent to the production facility in Sri Lanka, where it is cut accurately to tenth millimetre precision.

Sailloft Hamburg has become one of the most innovative sail brands in the world. A technology leader, the creator of the Sailloft TRACTION, the first lightwind sail in production as well as the ultra-light Sailloft BIONIC construction style. 

Since 2008 we develop and distribute hardware components such as booms, masts, etc. Quality products made by Sailloft Hamburg. Our latest project is a race sail that is currently being developed.

Windsurfing is one of the best and most exciting sports in the world. It is our passion and our goal to develop and produce the highest quality sails today and in the future.