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…and the winner is!... The Sailloft Quad+

What a start to the 2013 season!
The Sailloft Quad+ wins the current surf test.

Like his 'little brother', the Quad, in 2012, the Quad+ has once again impressed this years surf team with its broad range of performance shown whilst testing. 

As the only 5.9 sail rigged with a 4.00m mast the Quad+ scored best manoeuvrability, perfect batten rotation and an incredible trim range.

For further information about our prize winning sail range don't hesitate to contact your local Sailloft Dealer.
sailloft quad plus 2013 test

Sailloft @ PWA Pozo/GC

First strike  - 4th place

1 month ago Germany's no.1 female waverider - Steffi Wahl - joined our team.

After a 12 months break, the PWA contest in Pozo/Gran Canaria was to be her first event to rejoin the world cup series. Well---for a start she lost her second heat in single elimination against Daida Ruano Moreno. In double elimination though, facing nuclear winds of about 60knts, Steffi's performance was gaining brilliance from heat to heat. Once again she demonstrated her amazing wave riding skills to advance past most of her fellow competitors. Being headed for a place on the winner's podium it was only Karin Jaggi to beat her for rank 3.

Nevertheless...the sailloft team mates love to congratulate keeping their fingers crossed for the upcoming events.
Steffi @pozo

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