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Sailloft masts for your sail

The Sailloft mast philosophy.
Even the best sail will not offer a well performing rig. Only with the right mast will its true potential be displayed.

Surfer are individuals.

Whether you are 55 kg ripping up a wave or 110 kg going for a speed record, we will have the right mast for you. With our masts the character of a rig will adjust to your personal style. Direct or neutral, hard or soft, you have the option. We have the mast.

Less is more.
The well known Sailloft Minimum mast concept will still be in full effect. If your entire quiver only requires one or two masts it will be easier to decide on the high-quality performance mast.

Our masts fit.

Sailloft offers modern mast shapes in Hi-Modulus Carbon Pre-Preg Technology. Reduced diameter masts (RDM) as well as standard diameter mast (SDM) in lengths ranging from 370 cm to 490 cm are offered in up to 4 performances levels. An optimal constant curve makes our mast work extremely well with Sailloft sails but they are also compatable with other models.

BLACK LINE 40%     WHITE LINE 60%     BLUE LINE 75%     RED LINE 100%
DRS Masten Fotograf: Ingo Peitz